That Magic Moment

Have you ever met someone you instantly liked at work? I have many times.  There is an easy decorum and conversation is second nature.  

I clearly remember first meeting Ann Wilson Heinl on the Drexel University campus in 2006 after my book, The Big Sister’s Guide to the World of Work was initially released. She had contacted me for one of my first big speeches to a university.   I was so impressed with her professionalism and thoroughness. Given that she has her Masters in Education and brought me to campus, it was evident that she has a genuine desire to teach and help people learn…in real, practical ways.  She had me on every corner of campus in small and large groups with departments, students, staffs, and even a invitation dinner for female student leaders.  All through that day, her staff was in and out, and eagerly tending to their own professional development.  They were ALL prepared for my visit, having read my book, asking relevant questions for themselves and their students, and assuring my needs were met.  They had done their homework and were fully engaged.  Ann and her colleagues made the day dynamic and energizing…for EVERYONE…including me.  How could I not notice? 

Mind you, I have had hundreds of people work for me in my career and you KNOW when someone with a true clue is standing in your presence. To top it off, she was funny. And, funny gets me every single time. Just ask my first husband and current partner.  I had asked her to work with me immediately but the timing wasn’t right.

Fast forward seven years and out of the blue, I got an email from Ann who asked me if I would I consider speaking to a group consisting of young ladies from five college campuses in the Chicago area. The group was a total of 500 women who were looking for direction in navigating office politics.  The kicker was the group requesting me was my sorority, Delta Gamma. They were celebrating their annual Founder’s Day and they needed a keynote speaker. Sigh. Cough. Happy. Humbled. Cough again… Yes!

After I spoke, I asked Ann again if she would join me in launching a platform to help people work all things related to office politics and her answer marks the beginning of Chat & Hum.  She’s is a teacher, an idea generator, and a connector of people.  Ann will be blogging and creating the valuable programs and products moving forward! We all couldn’t be luckier!

Now, you know us, the first women of Chat & Hum.  More to come and now..let’s go!

And that’s the bottom line for today…