The Security Guard Knows….

As part of my ongoing work day, I meet new people to consult and help them with their business growth in either digital content / production, TV, marketing, strategy development – you get the drift.  A few weeks ago, I was meeting with a very important person at a big fat media company in New York City.

On this particular day, I had my daughter at home sick so I had decided to call the sitter to come and stay with her while I went for the interview.  Price:  $15 an hour for the sitter, $7.50 toll and $25 to park.

I had to check in with the security guard at the building before I was allowed upstairs to meet the VIP.

That means, there could be up to five minutes of one-on-one time with the guard. Long enough time to get some good scoop!

As part of the security guard’s job, he has to get everyone’s identification to ensure you do have an appointment.  As I was making small talk and ruffling around for my wallet, he asked me who I was going to meet.  I told him.  The conversation went like this:

Me:  I’m going to meet so and so.

Guard:  Uh, hmm, Uh huh…Really?

Me:  Yup, really.

Guard:  I know that person, he’s, uh, (visualize sneer and eyes which rolled toward the sky) not that nice.  In fact, he’s cold like ice.

Me:  How do you know him?

Guard:  You seem like a nice person. I have been sitting at this job for the past 5 years and the dude never says good morning or good evening.  If I were you, Pass.

Me:  (In shock) Are you teasing me?

Guard: No.  The good lord told me to tell the truth. (Visualize a cross made on his chest).

Me:  Well, that’s insight for you.  Thanks…Have a great rest of the day.

That interview happened to be on the afternoon day before Memorial Day weekend.  As we were talking, which lasted, all of about 15 minutes, he told me he couldn’t concentrate because it was a Friday before a holiday. Although, he wasn’t traveling anywhere, he couldn’t think straight so we should meet again in a few weeks.  He took a call and answered emails while we speaking. All of which, I guess, someone in his position can do. However, the security guards words were in the back of my head the entire time and I left thinking….my new friend, the guard, warned me.

The moral of this story—look who had my back—a security guard who had nothing to gain.  His sincere warning served to reinforce what the of the “VIP Media Guy” actions took place in our meeting.  Not only was the VIP rude and disrespectful of my time, it cost me a lot of money to meet him for 15 minutes and a brush off because he wasn’t in the mood! It’s well worth noting in my personal notebook and rolodex under his name that he stinks since our paths may cross again.  The guard was right.

Love the fun design to find this easily.

As a wrap-up, I always have a notebook with me that I write down notes from meetings, people I met and other thoughts that I will need to refer back to.  Don’t forget to have your own notebook with you at all times.  I love this one from

On that note—that’s the bottom line!



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